Journal / Tour of Britain

  • Local Rides Q&A - Jonathan Tiernan-Locke

    This is a long overdue entry to the Local Rides Q&A as me and Jonathan exchanged these email nearly a year ago, so my apologies to Jon for the wait on completing this. There are also a few more Q&A's to go up on this journal over the next couple of weeks too so keep your eyes-peeled.  Jonathan Tiernan-Locke's major breakthrough as a professtional cyclist came from winning four stages during the 2012 UCI Europe Tour, including the Tour of Britain while riding for Endura Racing. He has also rode for Rapha-Condor Sharp (2011) and Team Sky (2013-2014).  Now JTL is riding for a team he co-founded,...

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  • In Conversation with Camille McMillan

    I first came across the work of Camille McMillan when I saw Le Metier, the book of ex-Team Sky rider Michael Barry. A full season in the world of a pro-cyclist. The images stood out to me, as it wasn’t your usual ‘sports photography’. How the pro’s prepare, behind the scenes images, have always interested me. It's as close as some will get to being on the 'inside' of the sport and images of this ilk I've always found interesting and inspiring.  There was something different about the details and aura of the images that Camille captures that were different to what...

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  • Homeroads

    For a British rider, racing the Tour of Britain is always great. There is a familiarity, an ease almost, you get when racing at home that you just can’t find anywhere else, no matter how well, or how far you go to adopt another country as your homeland. Growing up in the UK as a racing cyclist, until very recently, meant that from an early age all eyes had to be focused on other countries. The races here meant nothing. Europe was where the teams were, it was where the riders were, and it was where the races all happened....

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