For my friend Steve.

It feels incredibly strange writing this as I doubt I’ve really come to terms with what happened yesterday. I thought this might be a fitting tribute to Steve’s life and the huge impression that he has had on mine. I am also hoping that by writing this down it will help me come to terms with what has happened.
I met Steve when I was working with vintage clothing about 15 years ago. He came into the shop where I worked, usually with his son Beau, and we would chat about clobber. We would discuss the finer details of items and brands we liked. We both shared a love for modernist design (without calling ourselves ‘mods’) and I guess that evolved into chatting loads about the ivy look in more recent years.
Although he was about 15 years older than me, I felt like we had an unspoken mutual respect for one another. I valued his opinion and (I think) he valued mine. Steve was always a good guy to ask “What do you think of this?” and I would do that a lot!
Our friendship grew and grew and for nearly 10 years we would meet on Wednesday nights down the Sheaf pub for a few pints, a good natter, the quiz, a game of cards, usually finishing the night off with a whiskey! It has always been a good laugh and without a doubt, those nights have been the highlight of the week for so long.
In a professional sense, I have been so lucky to have worked with Steve on so much Mamnick stuff. He brought a flair, wit, and humour to my ideas and brand. My house and showroom are littered with his sketches and work. I had the pleasure of being able to sit and watch him work on so many occasions. He’d influence and give me ideas, without ever expecting anything in return. I could only describe the feeling as ‘magical’ to witness Steve when he had a pen or pencil in his hand. Without a doubt, he was the most talented bloke I know and he was so humble about his skills, I’d sometimes find it frustrating!
I feel extremely lucky and proud to have worked with him, but more importantly, to have had the fortune to call him a close friend and to be so close to him and his family during his last days.
I know you’d be laughing your head off if you could see the tangle I am in writing this, but honestly, my life will never be the same without you and I am going to miss you so much.

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