Nigel's Mamnick Challenge.

I got asked by a lad I work with the other month, simply "why ride 82 miles to York?" My reply was simply, "Do it yourself and you will get the answer".

When you posted the Mamnick challenge and this lad had asked me the question why I ride so many miles, I was in the saddle one Sunday when the question, 'Why?' popped in my head.

I guess the reason why I ride every day when I'm not at work is to enjoy the open spaces and the never ending roads; climbing the grinding hills and and the descents to a thousand feet below.

A more darker reason is, back in 2009 my late father spent 8 months battling terminal cancer at the Castle Hill Hospital. My mother had passed away a year earlier to brain cancer - this was a sudden illness with no time for goodbyes.

When my Father was diagnosed, we just carried on as normal and enjoyed life as much as we could. He set goals like being around for my sons 1st birthday and then it was his first Christmas. Unfortunately 2 weeks after Christmas he passed away. But whilst he was in the hospital for the last 8 months of his life, as his only child, I supported him as much as I could, spending as many hours in his room. We talked, laughed and cried as we watched the world thru go by through this big window. This  overlooked a country road. He loved gardening and walking did my old man! 

You should do that son, he said one day. "What's that dad?", "Get a bike", he replied. A dozen cyclists had passed the window on a Sunday club run.

Well here I am 4 years later, capable of knocking out a 100 miles on a bike and no matter which direction I take on my bike rides from my house, the first port of call is a country road that passes right past a certain window at Castle Hill hospital. A little nod and a wave and I know the old man has got my back to push me thru the miles in the saddle. Yes, that's why I ride.


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  • Mar 08, 2018

    Feel you. My pop bought me an old steel KHS road bike the year he died.

    — Patrick

  • Sep 26, 2013

    15 years since I lost my Dad and I can relate to that. Good on you.

    — Thom

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