Peak District Climbs - #5 Blindside Lane

Blindside Lane is a destination road in my opinion, meaning, I usually ride out this way just to do this climb. In summer, if you're doing a longer ride into the Dark Peak of the Peak District, it's a quiet way to come back to Sheffield. In winter, I'll ride out to Low Bradfield and make this climb a vital part of a shorter ride, either around the lump, or sometimes just back over New Road and then onto Burbage (or the second part of Jaggers, which ever way you like to call it). 

The road itself is called Blindside Lane but it's always been know to me as The Italian Flag, due to an Italian flag that flies half way up the climb (sometimes) throughout the year. 

Blindside Lane is one of many roads around Strines that have been recently resurfaced, perhaps to aid transport needs with foresight of the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire in 2014. I must admit, I've only ever seen maybe two vehicles on that road all year, as most traffic has no reason to be on there. It's always a peaceful, pot-hole free, silky-smooth-ride that leads through a small section of trees called Andrew's Wood. Towards the top the woodland opens up, revealing a beautiful view down onto the Dale Dike Reservoir. At the end of the road if you turn right onto Sugworth Road which is another ace road that will take you onto the A57 to Lady Bower/Yorkshire bridge.

The Italian Flag has an average gradient of 5.5%. The first part is the hardest, even then it's not very tough. If you're racing up this, your missing a trick. Soak it up! This road is one of the Peak Districts hidden beauties and you'll be up it going steady in 11-14 minutes anyway. 


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  • Feb 06, 2019

    I use this stretch on my training route a lot and I tend to race up it with an average time of 9 minutes but your right it’s not a hill to be rushed.
    I’ve used this road for many years and I have never noticed a flag perhaps because I’m usually facing the tarmac when I rush up it.
    Certainly the best route out to the Peaks

    — Tanz

  • Aug 17, 2016

    big fave!

    — Nick C

  • Dec 09, 2013

    probably the gentlest climb out of Bradfield and is also a fantastic one to descend (although watch out for the sharp bend at the bottom of the steepest bit and the wet leaves on the road this time of year)

    — Mick

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