• Monyash Overshirt

  • £95.00

  • Description

    - Tab collar

    - Mamnick engraved PNS buttons ( silk & cotton mix ) 

    - Trocas shell buttons ( Wool / Donegal tweed )

    - Two hand-warmer pockets 

    - Limited numbers

    - Made in England


    The second incarnation of the Monyash overshirt has been manufactured for the warmer months. The silk/cotton and Donegal tweed shirts are light-weight, perfect for summer or to be used as a layer through the colder months. The wool version is the heaviest and more of a lightweight jacket for spring and summer evenings.

    The buttons have been made in Sheffield, from PNS shell, Mamnick engraved. The wool and Donegal tweed versions comes with reverse trocas shell buttons, a Mamnick staple. 

    Monyash is a small village in the limestone southern upland of the Peak District. Known for its beautiful scenery and peaceful environment with a vibrant past known more for its trading routes and local lead mining industry. 

    *We recommend that you size-up from your usual size*