Ashford Hat

£75.00 £30.00
56 / Small
58 / Medium
60 / Large
62 / X-Large

- 100% Wool

- Hand Tailored in Yorkshire, UK.

- Folding ear-flap detail with black silk. 

- Fully lined. 

- Limited numbers.

The Ashford is made from an orange wool we have woven especially for this hat. Each one is hand-tailored in Yorkshire, lined with black silk. This is our take on a classic stalkers hat or if you like, one for the super sleuths! 

Ashford-in-the-water is a village in Derbyshire on the River Wye. Well known for it's quarry of Ashford Black Marble (a form of limestone), and the maidens' garlands made to mark the death of virgins in the village until 1801.