The Mamnick Challenge

Your ride. Your way. Your story. 

I don't need much of an excuse to head for the hills. You may have noticed from following the Mamnick instagram (@mamnick) the beauty of the land up here in the Peak District; it's the main reason I ride my bike. The bike allows me to see a lot of the Peak Districts  beautiful countryside. To see how its people live, to see what its poets, painters and naturalists saw, to see where its battles were fought and its heroes lived and died. There is always more for me to see and know. Which gives me another reason for making another visit, doing another ride.


Everyone can enjoy this sense of exploration when riding the bike, regardless of where they ride. England is an old country. Its topography lends itself to cycling. You can't ride thirty miles and not be refreshed by variety. In most areas the scene changes quite markedly in a day's ride. There are no vast stretchs of a single landscape in England; hill valleys, mountains and flatlands alternate rapidly - and the coast is never far away. 

So we've created the Mamnick challenge, a incentive for you to take-on your own adventure of breathtaking splendours and landscape conquering. It doesn't matter if it's not in the Peak District - I'm certain you'll have your own uncharted areas only a stones throw away, somewhere close to home and easily accessible by bike or on foot. Your own story is just around the corner. Simply get together with friends for a day of exploration and share your images with us to be presented with a lovely enamel Mamnick Challenge badge!

Please share your stories and adventure-finds with me, either through Instagram / Twitter ( @mamnick / hashtag #MamnickChallenge ) and request your prize via email - I'm looking forward to what you will find.