About Us

Mamnick is the road that leaves Hope valley and ascends Mam Tor, deep within the splendor of the Peak District. 'The Peaks' is one of the most picturesque locations in Britain. Mamnick is a brand inspired by this scenery which is on the door-step of where our manufacturing takes place.

From day one I have been passionate about our manufacturing process and I am proud to say that the majority of the Mamnick inventory is manufactured in South Yorkshire. I tip my hat to my Grandad Eric Barnett every time I work with steel. He was a man who spent his entire working life within the famous Sheffield steel industry and lived only six miles away from the factory in the mining town of Rotherham, with his wife of 70 years Emily Barnett.

Many of our products are made by people only a stone's throw away from the road that my Grandad and I grew-up on. A family community where every weave and stitch has a story.  It's this family of people, with their craft and workmanship, that make us who we are. It's nice to work so closely with manufactures that share the same feelings towards Britain's manufacturing heritage and I'm grateful to them - if they weren't willing to help, then Mamnick would be little more than a logo in my head.

In December 2014 we opened our first flagship store in Tokyo, Japan. We continue to find and work with a number of different factories in Japan to continue to develop our fine products under the Mamnick 'Black Label' collection. 

Our ethos is very straightforward - "Do one thing at a time, as beautifully as possible". 

Please never hesitate to contact us. 


Thom Barnett