Handmade in Derbyshire, England, the Mamnick 42.21 frames reflect the Mamnick ethos of high quality and limited numbers and made as beautifully as possible.

Lugged and hand brazed construction, using the most legendary lightweight tubing of all time; Reynolds 531. Classic geometry with a horizontal top tube, braze-ons and clearance for mudguards, longer chain-stays for comfort and improved handling and stove enameled for a lustrous and hard wearing finish. Our 'summer' frames can be made with closer clearance and shorter wheelbase if required.

These frames combine classic Italian and British frame heritage with a few modern improvements; lightweight tubing, vertical drop outs and a threadless steerer tube. Our all purpose/winter frames come in metallic grey, while the summer bikes come in pearlesent white. Both are decorated with minimal Mamnick 42.21 decals on the fork and top-tube with world-championship stripes on the seat-tube.

Their design harks back to a time when riders bought one or two frames to serve all of their cycling needs for decades. A time before the fickleness of fashion had made its impression on bike frames and persuaded riders that they needed to upgrade their 5 year old frame because it didn't look modern enough.

Our general purpose road frame will be a joy to ride and to look at whether it is built into an all purpose bike, a dedicated winter bike, a bike for audax, rough stuff, lightweight touring or club rides. Our summer frame will stand out from the carbon crowd at a road race, on a fine weather ride or parked in the sunshine outside a cafe.