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British Rail Hats by Mamnick

A selection of bobble hats inspired by classic British Rail liveries. 

Designed by Mamnick and proudly made in England.

Campbell Cole

Carla Murdoch at Mamnick


Our fabrics and cut are proven at UCI World Tour level. 

Made to limited numbers - The most exclusive cycling kit in the world today. 


"One thing at a time, as beautiful as possible"

End Of Line Sale

The last chance to buy certain lines of Mamnick products that will not be replenished ever again.



Kamakura at Mamnick

Founded in 1993, Kamakura have tirelessly engineered higher standards of shirt-making. Their full name, Maker's Shirt Kamakura, honors a relationship with skilled Japanese craftsmen. We are proud to bring the efforts of their work to the UK.

Made in Sheffield

Produced right here with love and attention, a stones throw away from our store.

Zero air miles. 

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Sitwell Jacket

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