MNK x BF - Design Process

After first identifying a synergy between Mamnick and Banton Frameworks, I approached them any proposed the idea of producing a limited pair of sunglasses manufactured in their workshop near Glasgow. After numerous conversations via email and phone, the dimensional drawings (seen below) outline their very first ‘full acetate frame’ which I am happy Mamnick can be a part of.

Produced from premium acetate, the cotton based bio-polymer is sourced from a globally renowned Italian supplier. The tones of the acetate are warm with hints of orange and red. During design development the acetate board produced an amber glow across the numerous dimensional drawings and wire frame elevations. Comparatively unusual beside their current range of acetates, the honey-like qualities of this acetate has lustre similar to that of marble or horn.

The Mamnick x Banton Frameworks icon; featured across all literature and branding relative to the project throughout. This icon will also feature on the packaging which will revealed later. Collectively we opted to implement both our minimal logos, positioned alongside each other, this layout yielded geometric contrast, joined by the collaborative diagonal line. A nod towards Modernism.

These frames will come fitted with polarised Polaroid lenses (non-prescription) at the  pre-order price of £190.00. Limited in number. More details specification can also be read here

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