Notes on British Shoes

This year we have released the Buxton chukka boots, a repeat run of our popular Royals and our latest Derby (or Blucher) shoes - the Ashop. In the past we have done an Oxford-cap shoe named Winster and a loafer named Abney as well as the robust and utilitarian Yompin’ boots.

All of the names for our shoes are after places in the Peak District. All have been proudly made in England.

The use of high-quality leather is essential in British shoe manufacturing and all our shoes (apart from our Hibell cyclo-touring shoe) have been manufactured in the mecca of high quality British footwear, Northampton. All of the best known British shoes are made there, although unfortunately now, many ‘supposed’ British brands now outsource their manufacturing to Portugal and India. 

One of the factors that makes British footwear stand out is the tanning process which preserves the leather and due to the water sources that are available in Northampton many shoe-makers opened up close to these tanneries. 

The other detail that makes the construction of our shoes so solid is the Goodyear-welt, which is the dual-stitch reinforcing sole technique that provides resilience in British weather as well as ensuring the shoe will not come apart if and when they need servicing by your local cobbler. 

Another advantage of the Goodyear-welt is that when the sole is replaced, the form of the shoes stays the same so you only have to break your shoes in once.

A pair of Goodyear welted quality British shoes work well with a variety of different looks and styles and are a great investment that will last many years.

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All words by Thom Barnett

Photography by India Hobson

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