Our Fabrics - Denim Marl Linen

Linen has as good a claim as any to being the fabric of Kings. Or even Gods. Expensive to manufacture, valued for it’s exceptional coolness in hot weather, known to be worn by Egyptian royalty and believed to be worn by the angels in heaven.

Linen possesses a near perfect set of vital statistics. Beautiful, versatile, strong, durable and easy to take care of; it can be dry-cleaned, machine-washed or steamed. Also resistant to the enemies of all fabrics; stretching, staining, pilling, damage from abrasion and even moths.

One blot on this perfect landscape for some is the fact that linen creases easily. For someone who wants to remain perfectly pressed throughout the whole day this fact is a deal-breaker. For a more relaxed dude however, this characteristic is part of linen’s charm. Think of James Bond’s many excursions to hotter climes; his fabric of choice is invariably linen.

The linen we've used for the new Backtor shirts is called Denim Marl. Its aesthetic qualities are in the name; indigo colored with a fleck slub-weave detail. The perfect material for the natural Trocas shells to blossom. Warm enough for a nippy spring evening, cool enough for nice summers day. 

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