Black Label - Made in Japan

It's very early days for Mamnick. There may only be three pieces in our current inventory at this moment in time but trust, we're working morning, noon and night on new items before spring arrives. We will be extending our 'Made in Sheffield' collection with a couple of new additions in February including the stainless-steel bookmark, a cycling commuter clip and a useful envelope opener.

As well as the 'Clough' shirts that we're just about to release, we are expanding our inventory with a limited run of pieces we've manufactured in Japan. Having sourced some of the finest seersucker your ever likely to feel, a perfect material for spring, along with a chambray cotton that's become know to us as 'dungaree' we're excited to share with you these samples. As before, these pieces will be available in very limited numbers in the UK.

Note, the 'Made in Japan' shirts will be identifiable by the black woven Mamnick label. 

Mamnick Black Label is due to be available mid-April.

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