A Letter from David Hibell

Hi Thom

A friend of mine has just forwarded me a link to the shoe on your site.

Ian was my uncle & we always used to look forward to him visiting us from his trips with more great stories about his adventures.

I have to say that looking at what's on show on your website, it looks exactly as I remember the shoes he used to wear, both on and off the bike.

It’s really touching to see something like this named after him, he had very exacting standards on his equipment, always Campagnolo Nuovo or super record for example and always leather shoes in that style(this was even carried over to his casual clothes as well, remember the exasperation he caused my mum in getting him his polo shirts as they had to have three buttons, no more no less) and I can see that a lot of care has gone into making the shoes.

He’d have liked that, he’d probably have tried to get a pair off you for free mind “to test them out on one of his trips”, he used to get a lot of kit that way, but he would definitely approve.

Hope they are a success for you and thanks

David Hibell



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