Our Fabrics - Jacquard

In 1804, Joseph Marie Jacquard (1772-1834) recognized that although fabric weaving was intricate when done by hand, as most practices were back then, it was also repetitive. He saw that a mechanism could be developed to create more sophisticated styles and patterns of weave. Some say Jacquard's invention influenced computer science. 


No-one as really defined what part of the 'Jacquard' machine, Jacquard himself designed and there is a good chance that he combined the best mechanical elements of some other inventors of the time, but with that said, no-one created the machine that Jacquard made which could produce a fabric with a greater definition of outline. 

The machine Jacquard invented would have been a lot different to the machines that made our cotton Jacquard cloth. In 1983 electronic Jacquard looms were introduced in Italy that were infinitely more versatile and since then, many of the old hand-punched machines have been retired to museums and exhibitions. Originally the fabric designs would of  been kept on a series of punched cards which were jointed together to form a continued chain.  

The subtle details of the Jacquard fabrics that we used for our recent Pilsey shirt serve to compliment our now trademark buttons - smoked reverse trocas shell from Sheffield.

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